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The able2achieve football team is sponsored by AH Warren trust, Coombe farm.  Anyone associated with us, whether in one of our supported homes or through attendance at one of our clubs, is eligible to join the team. Once you have joined we encourage commitment to the team, with training days, league matches and special sporting events.

Every team member will be supported by a trained coach, a member of the Football Association (FA). To play will cost a small fee, but during matches the kit, transport,food and drink are all supplied.  At every match there are support staff and one of the a2a managers, who also manages the team.

Rupert, the CEO, tries to attend every game and support the team and every team member is given the opportunity to take part.  Everyone is supported and a good time is had by all.

Our results can be found on the FA website, and you are always welcome to come along and support the team.                                                                             

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