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able2achieve was started in 2010 by founder and CEO, Rupert Elliott.  Having worked in the special educational sector and later with housing and residential care, Rupert had a vision of a day provision which catered for individuals. The day provision was to provide vocational activities geared to support individuals in gaining work or helping to live a little more independently.

His vision also included a supported living home, where he could provide support to individuals with learning difficulties and promote independence. Breaking away from the carers doing all the work, to an environment where the carer stands alongside an individual and teaches them how to achieve a task.

2010:- Rupert found and registered his first house in Yeovil, as able2achieve, where learners could rent from a private landlord and live independently.  able2achieve were able2 support the tenants so they could achieve a greater level of independence.

2011:- This was the year when everything took off. Our collaboration with AH Warren Trust, allowed us to open the vocational centre on the Coombe farm estates in April.  Vocational activities started straight away, with the woodland maintenance and creation of a horticulture area.

In May animals were introduced to the woodland area, special and rare breeds; ducks, chickens, other fowl and pigs.

In August we started to support new homes at Lower Coombe. able2achieve acts as an agent between the landlord and the learners, their families and/or representatives. We work hard to find understanding landlords who have an understanding of our vision and the needs of our learners.

2012:- We had a new bridge and animal area built close to the horticulture area.  Valeting was introduced as a vocational activity and the creation of an ebay shop to sell the products we were making at the centre.

2013:- Expanding on the vocational centre, able2achieve opened The Winking Frog Coffee Shop. This enterprise enables individuals to work in a real environment, serving and working in the catering and service industry. In this year we applied and received charitable status and have created the able2achieve trust.

2014:- able2achieve opened two new adventures, able2antiquities a2a's very own antiques / crafts & collectables charity shop. this provides our learners the benefit of working within a retail environment, money handlingskills, engaging with customers, restocking, pricing and our eBay shop. Learners are given a budget of £500 a month to purchase new stock at various localauction houses, they select, research, price and sell items.

We also opened Bake-able a2a's bakery this is based behind the shop, learners gain experience through baking andcooking, supplies cakes and other goods to The Winking Frog and direct to customers for events they may hold.

2015:- able2achieve began to host regular discos for learners, not only from a2a, can attend and socialise, this is at our Yeovil Day Centre.

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