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To enable personal achievement and progression by developing essential skills and self-confidence through learning, living and working.

How do we achieve this?

We provide Day Services for our learners to learn and develop new skills in a supported environment, within this tasks are given to our learners such as wood work, horticulture, animal care and sporting activities.

We support our learners to build and develop every day living skills through every day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, financial management and diet balance with healthy eating.

With three work prep placements able2achieve offers a variety of options for our Learners with: The Winking Frog - Coffee Shop, able2antiquities - antiquities / crafts / collectables charity shop and Bake-able - Bakery (Provides Baked goods for The Winking Frog and other private events)

able2achieve Limited,
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T: 01935 429430    E: info@able2achieve.org.uk
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