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core values


able2achieve strongly believes that the Learners that we care for are at the centre of everything we try to achieve, a2a has three Core Values that we have at the heart of the company:- Opportunity, Choice & Respect.


We encourage our learners and build on their opportunities in everyday life; through a range of activities, challenges and personal goals.


Our learners are given choices on how to run their day and what activities they might want to take part in.  We are aware of the individual needs of our learners through their personalised care plans and support each person appropriately to make informed choices.


Respect is core, not only to our learners, but everyone associated with able2achieve. Whether it is parents, guardians, professionals or staff, respect is embedded and encouraged throughout the business. 

The Rupert Card

If something isn't working, or a learner is upset about something, they can play their Rupert Card.  In every case, whether it\u2019s serious or 'trivial', the learner can talk about their issues with Rupert, who will listen and try to resolve any problems.  We know that a concern to our learners is always important to them and we respect this and encourage openness and honesty.

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