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Social Enterprise

Key to our success is our belief in every learner achieving personal goals.  In order to support this, we promote any enterprise that will enable or contribute to an individual being able 2 achieve their personal goal.  Currently our enterprises can be split into three main categories; learning, working and socialising, with all interlinked.

Through learning, working and socialising, our learners are contributing to projects like bird house making, furniture renovating, stick making etc. which when items are finished, are put up for sale to the public during social events or on our enterprising ebay shop


Many of our learners have some difficulties with social communication and or interaction. The benefits of socialising vary greatly, but throughout every social activity, our staff will support each person on an individual basis, mindful of their needs.

Our objective is to make socialising a positive experience, build confidence and self-esteem, and learn the skills needed to socialise.


able2achieve have a range of excellent work experience opportunities that are offered to learners including catering at the Winking Frog café, IT and retail with the ebay shop, car valeting and animal care.  able2achieve continuously seeks to develop new, exciting work experience opportunities.

Throughout the work experience, individuals are supported by a skilled member of staff who understands the needs of each learner. These are real jobs, but in controlled environments run by able2achieve. Making work a positive event is essential in order to build each person’s self-esteem and ensure that they achieve their potential.


The opportunities for learning are endless, not only through formal activities like the work experience and the VTC life skills, but through everything we do. At the VTC each learner will learn many life skills including catering, cleaning, shopping including internet shopping.

able2achieve will also teach road safety and how to access the community, things often taken for granted. See our about us for a full list of learning opportunities.

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