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Supported living is a service designed to help people with range of support needs retain or gain their independence by being supported in their own home. A tenant/or group of tenant's decide where they would like to live and meet together before moving in. This is to seek agreement if they would like their house furnished with a base kit. Transition work is done to meet support staff, set up a house account where shopping and utility bill budgets will be paid into, discuss weekly activities and what they would like to access.

The care they receive is regulated by the CQC, but the accommodation is not. The support that people receive is continuous, but is tailored to their individual needs. It aims to enable the person to be as autonomous and independent as possible, and usually involves social support rather than medical care. Although support with medication can be provided.

In supported living you have your own tenancy and are responsible for your own bills and cost of living. Tenants sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord and rent is paid to the landlord directly. able2achieve Invoice out for support hours, transport if applicable and a service charge. Tenants have regular meetings to discuss house issues, social interactions, budgets and plan social events. To afford these, the person may be entitled to a wide range of benefits and grants such as Housing Benefit (HB) – if they don’t work, Personal Independence Payments (PIP,) Employment and Support Allowance (ESA,) Mobility Allowance and Attendance Allowance (AA.) Grants to adapt a property may also be available.

What we offer at able2achieve

  • Support staff that will be known to you and supply your core support on a continuous basis (Staff are employed on contract)

  • Core support hours that have been agreed between you and social services

  • A key worker to discuss your aspirations and needs and be a contact point for family or agencies

  • Support on occasions for 1:1 for appointments and on specific needs

  • Access to any events and groups that the company sets up for bringing people together and socialising

  • Search for landlords and act as a managing agent between the tennants and the landlord

  • Set up communal areas of the house for you - standard or enhanced package depending on tenants wishes

  • Manage the services of the house - window cleaning, yearly gas safety checks, decorating, building maintenance, pest control, fixtures, maintenance of assistive technology (ramps, hoists, bath chairs etc.)



Contact us on 01935 429430 or email

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