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To enable personal achievement and progression by developing essential skills and self-confidence through learning, living and working.


able2achieve was started in 2010 by founder and CEO, Rupert Elliott. Having worked in the special educational sector and later with housing and residential care, Rupert had a vision of a day provision which catered for individuals. The day provision was to provide vocational activities geared to support individuals in gaining work or helping to live a little more independently.

His vision also included a supported living home, where he could provide support to individuals with learning difficulties and promote independence. Breaking away from the carers doing all the work, to an environment where the carer stands alongside an individual and teaches them how to achieve a task.


We encourage our learners and build on their opportunities in everyday life; through a range of activities, challenges and personal goals.


Our learners are given choices on how to run their day and what activities they might want to take part in.  We are aware of the individual needs of our learners through their personalised care plans and support each person appropriately to make informed choices.


Respect is core, not only to our learners, but everyone associated with able2achieve. Whether it is parents, guardians, professionals or staff, respect is embedded and encouraged throughout the business.


Vocational day provision provides a range of learning activities, and opportunities to socialise, meet friends and to learn skills, these can enable progression to work experience. Day provision staff and volunteers organise many types of vocational skills, learning and social enterprise activities, and events to enjoy.

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Our supported living service allows adults with learning disabilities and mental health to live in their own homes and receive support tailored to their individual needs in order to promote their independence. This support includes everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, financial management and diet balance with healthy eating. Many people take choosing where to live and who to live with for granted, yet it’s a fundamental part of feeling in control of your life.


We aim to provide structured environments for people with learning disability or difficulty and mental health to enable learning, with work placements and supportive social enterprises. With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfil their potential. We have four work prep placements that offer a variety of options for our learners with: The Winking Frog and The Silver Otter cafes, able2antiquities an antiques charity shop and The Bake-able bakery which provides baked goods for The Winking Frog and Silver Otter and public orders. 

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